This is one of 2 great recording of Jack and Robins new band.  I really like the non cream songs but it is quite interesting to hear Robin Trower doing licks associated with Eric Clapton.  I think he still plays a smoking guitar.

Jack Bruce & Robin Trower
Karlsruhe (GER)

Here is one track to check out.

Perfect Place

exc. audience recording by hg (thank you!), samples included

The first show of their tour. Actually - as Jack says - the very first time they played together in concert!! They played the whole "Seven Moons" album, 4 Cream tracks and 1 comletely new song.

lineage: OKM II R > Sony TCD D8 > DAT-Master > GetItOnCD > WAV > TLH (FLAC level 8, sb aligned)

Jack Bruce: b, v
Robin Trower: g
Gary Husband: dr

CD 1

01 - Seven Moons
02 - Lives Of Clay
03 - Distant Places Of The Heart
04 - Sunshine Of Your Love
05 - Carmen (New song, unreleased)
06 - She's The One
07 - We're Going Wrong
08 - So Far To Yesterday

CD 2

01 - Just Another Day
02 - Perfect Place
03 - Bad Case Of Celebrity
04 - The Last Door
05 - Come To Me
06 - I'm Home
07 - White Room
08 - Politician

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